Malarstwo TG


Painting-tg ... a bit dangerous Painting.


This is a creator's project that has been present for over 20 years on the Polish art scene and not only ... He also acted as a creator of music, a theater producer and an actor.

Currently, he started a new project and adopted the artistic pseudonym Tytus Grad. The series of his latest works is completely different from his earlier work.

He achieved significant success - his previous project was supported by a prestigious scholarship. 

From the Gallery we removed all works from previous periods of the work of Tytus Grad, when he created under his real name. As Tytus Grad, he will work again on his opinion and recognition. Under the pseudonym, he has been painting since August 2018.


The artist's works are available for sale. Media, people interested in the purchase of works and all those who want to get acquainted with the work of Tytus Grad are welcome to contact us.


We will establish cooperation with Artist's Manager operating in Warsaw.


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